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Our daughter has attended Sprouts Academy for almost a year now. Our experience has been great. Deciding on a preschool was a big deal to me. We thoroughly researched Chicago preschools and toured several prior to deciding on Sprouts. From the beginning, I was impressed by Sprouts’ facility – it appeared much more open, spacious, clean, and conducive to learning than other facilities I toured. I really liked the Director. It was clear to me that she is passionate about what she does and cares about the students and their development. I was equally impressed by the curriculum, the caliber of the teachers, and how I observed the teachers connecting with the students.

We are very pleased with our decision. Over the course of the year, our daughter has grown and learned so much due in large part to the quality of and personalized attention from her teachers. Her favorite activities are writing and illustrating her own books, the themed show and tell during circle time that ties in their current lessons, music class outside at the park, and helping to plan and tend to the school’s share garden. The school goes above and beyond in communicating with the parents. I receive an e-mail at the start of every week from my daughter’s teacher with announcements, a review of the prior week’s activities, and an explanation of the activities for the current week and how the activities tie in with the academic goals/metrics. It’s a great start to the week. Also, anytime I needed to speak with the teachers at drop off or pick up, they have always been available.

I have peace of mind every moring when I drop off my daughter, hug her, and say goodbye, that she is in good hands and that the teachers and staff care about her and her development.

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