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Classrooms – Rockstars

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The Rockstar class is made up of 2.5-3.5 year old students, is play-based, and centered on the emergent curriculum.  This means that the teachers observe the children’s skills and interests to help plan studies that incorporate these interests.  Some of these studies will last for months, while others will only last a week or two.  Many times, multiple studies will over lap a bit or one will morph into another.  For example, a “car study” may turn into a “modes of transportation study.”  Through these studies the children work on their fine motor, gross motor, language, literacy, math and science skills.

While “academic” skills are very important to the Rockstar classroom, we also place a lot of focus on social and problem solving skills to lay a solid foundation for future learning.  We learn these skills through play, sorting out social conflicts and completing our daily routine. Throughout the daily routine, Rockstars are encouraged to work together and on their own to achieve various goals.  Some of these goals are part of their play time, such as creating an art project or finishing a puzzle. Other goals include preparing to go outside or cleaning up our snack area.  Many of our students or newly potty trained or just beginning that process so we build on this interest in independence.  Children in the Rockstar classroom are always encouraged to care for themselves and their belongings as much as possible. Teachers are always nearby to help but we encourage trying everything on their own first.

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