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Our People

Sprouts Academy Preschool Staff

Meet Our Wonderful Staff!

Sprouts Academy Preschool is fortunate enough to staff a truly incredible core group of teachers. Our teachers are all passionate, well-educated, motivated, and fun-loving educators, deeply inspired by children to continuously help them learn and grow in a green-philosophy environment.

Our team of teachers enthusiastically bring their diverse interests and backgrounds to our Sprouts Academy children and families. Some of their interests and educational background include, music, visual art education, photography, yoga, English Literature, Sociology, nutrition, the Project Approach and Reggio Emilia influences, all the while maintaining an overarching goal to preserve our natural environment. Formal education backgrounds include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Early Childhood Education, Master of Art and Science degrees in Child Development and Early Childhood Special Education and three of our teachers have obtained their Type 04 Preschool Teaching Certification.

As highly trained and committed people, we have no doubts about the fun learning endeavors our teachers will share with your children.