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My daughter is two years old and I recently enrolled her at Sprouts this Spring. I could not ask for a better preschool. I was very concerned with this transition, especially because my daughter is an only child and had a nanny at home the first two years. From the moment I walked in the door as Sprouts, I felt a very loving and nurturing environment… I had a very in-depth tour, met many of the teachers and staff, and was amazed at how happy and attentive the children were. I visited several daycares/preschools before Sprouts, and Sprouts blew the others out of the water. I could tell off the bat the the staff at Sprouts truly cares about the children and are not just “babysitters.” They focus not only on their physical well-being, but more importantly, their emotional well being.

My daughter’s teachers have been working diligently on her transition and have gone above and beyond my expectations on working with getting her comfortable. She along with all the other children in her class seem genuinely happy and in their element. I have also noticed that my daughter’s vocabulary and speech has dramatically improved and she loves to tell me about all of the adventures she and her friends went on that day. Furthermore, the Sprouts staff has really helped ME with this transition, and graciously assists me with any questions and/or concerns I have. I am confident that my daughter is getting a culturally diverse and sophisticated early childhood education experience.

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