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Classrooms – Sunflowers

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The Sunflower classroom is made up of 3-5 year old students. Like the other classrooms, the Sunflowers utilize the Emergent Curriculum through the use of learning centers, long and short-term studies, and a balance between teacher facilitated and child-directed learning experiences.

The different learning centers provide the students with opportunities to practice and build on various skills through cooperative play and teacher facilitated activities. Sunflowers are at the age where they are learning to navigate all types of social interactions on their own and begin to take responsibility for their needs. The Sunflower classroom strives to allow for self-exploration and choice-making while instilling a consistent, daily routine so students know the classroom expectations each day.

The long and short term studies are based on the interests of the students in the classroom and will change and vary depending on how they are choosing to spend their time. For example, if many of the students have been observed looking for bugs at the park, the teachers might decide to introduce a study of insects that will be intertwined into learning centers, circle time, and other activities for as long as the students are engaged. Math, Science, Literacy and other learning domains will be focused on through the use of the study as well. This allows learning to take place in a more organic, interesting way that is meaningful for the students.

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