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Mr JD – Music Teacher

Mr JD – Music Teacher

I have studied guitar and vocal performance for close to twenty years now, and have been a teacher to guitar students for close to sixteen of those years. Sometime in my early twenties I finally made the decision to put all of my chips down and commit wholly to a life of music by both studying and performing as much as possible as well as by pursing a degree in Audio Production at Columbia College. During this period in my life, and shortly after graduating, I found that using my skills to give others that gift to be most rewarding path for me and for those around me.

Between college and the present I have worked in a variety of teaching situations ranging from one on one lessons, to rock band camps, to after school audio engineering classes. I have also worked in many positions in the field both as a performer, and on technical crews, and as an acoustic consultant. About two years ago I made the decision to take the leap and begin teaching music full time. Around this time I was a new father of two little boys, Waylon who is 2 years old, and Rocky who is 3. The two of them inspired me to start on the path of pre-k music education and enrichment. In addition to inspiration, the two of them provided a (very critical!) sounding board for material and exercises as well as daily real-world practice sessions that provided much of the experience that has helped me in the dozen or so day care centers that I have had the pleasure to teach and perform at.

I am very thrilled to be a part of the team at Sprouts Academy and am looking forward to further enriching the lives of the students through music and movement.

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