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Our Classrooms

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Our Facility

Our space is designed as a physical expression of our mission to introduce a sustainable lifestyle into the consciousness and development of children right from the beginning, both in learning and in play. We have incorporated several green features throughout the space, as well as provided opportunities for children to touch and interact with the natural elements in the space. Our vision is big and we have realized a major part of it right now. But stay tuned! We will continue to add sustainable and creative elements to the space as we work with our teachers to create excitement and enthusiasm about the environment.

We have designed the bright, light filled classrooms to cluster around an informal plaza, which also serves as the first transition space for the child, allowing parents and children to informally congregate and interact around the flower shaped benches. Our flex program room, used for large motor activities and display of children’s art projects, flows naturally from the reception and entry areas. We are working on a wonderful mural at the entry wall that will bring together the creative energies of all members of the Sprouts family over the course of the year.

We have used natural and eco-friendly materials throughout. We have used non-toxic and zero VOC paints, and our FLOR carpet not only has recycled content, but also uses an odorless adhesive. Our tables and chairs are also certified to meet sustainability criteria. We have used natural materials such as wheat-board and cork, and materials with recycled content such as the Vetrazzo countertop at our reception desk. We have maximized natural light and used full spectrum fluorescent lighting in our classrooms to help children learn better. We have salvaged and reused glass panels at the classrooms, and reused elements to the extent possible. Our vision to stay true to the timber loft aesthetics not only reduce our use of materials, but also a warm, spa-like atmosphere. We will be filling our front windows with plants, and have a small area for children to grow plants, thus bringing nature into our classrooms, and emphasizing the healthy eating curriculum that we are developing. We plan to bring in a fish tank into our space to create an exciting water feature for children to enjoy.

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