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We were really lucky to have my older daughter at Sprouts last year when we just moved to Chicago from California. The teachers there are really nice and professional. My daughter started there last summer, when she just turned two. Since we only speak Mandarin at home, she knew nothing about English when she started there. The teachers tried really hard to help her make the transition, they even tried to learn some basic words in Manderin to better communite with her. (My friends couldn’t believe it until I showed them the “cheat sheet” the teachers made to learn Chinese.) Now she can speak English really well. She can go to bathroom by herself, and dress herself up in the morning. She knows more yoga pose than I do.

Now we just moved to the north suburb and had to leave Sprouts. My daughter is missing her teachers a lot. I’m not sure whether she will have the opportunity to meet such good teachers later but we are all very grateful for what sprouts has done for our family and wish Sprouts the best luck in the future.


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