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Dear Sprouts Academy,

Thank you for a great year!

We are lucky that Sprouts is Ryan’s first school – you couldn’t do a better job planting the seed to learning, making friends, and taking pride of being part of a community.

Miss Kaylie and miss Kaye, thank you for embracing Ryan at his first days and making him feel loved. It was your warmth and understanding that made the “detachment” manageable. Gigi, you have always been one of the teachers who have shown genuine joy spending time with Ryan and we personally thank you for that.

Miss Erica and miss Amanda, I am certain it was not easy to convert a Rockstar into a Redwood but you have done it. It is with utmost pride when Ryan talks about being a Redwood. It is your genuine care that gives us a piece of mind during the day.

Miss Cara, thank you for your always-there smile – no matter how tired or sad you might feel. Your limitless energy inspires the children and us, their parents. Thank you for oohing and aahng over each Lightning McQueen t-shirt, art piece, dance move, or made up song.

Mr. Evan – you must know that you are Ryan’s favorite teacher (no offence, ladies, but a boy needs a buddy). The dinosaurs games, the chasing, the roaring, you have always jumped into the challenge. Ryan will always remember his first soccer game with you. As parents we also thank you for your honesty – we like hearing that the day has been great but we know this is not always the reality.

Miss Julie, thank you for being there for our kids as a wonderful teacher but even more thank you for taking charge of ensuring that we are “fueling” our children with the best energy.

Miss Quinn, we are so sorry you will be leaving but we are grateful for a wonderful first year. We know that your legacy will be built upon since it is part of the added value of Sprouts. It is the vision, the sense of tomorrow, and the responsibility for developing curious and mindful individuals that sets Sprouts apart.

Miss Jenny, we know that what you do we don’t see but it is what makes Sprouts running seamlessly and we thank you for that. Your morning greeting has been a wonderful start of the day. (We are not happy hearing from you during the day, however.)

I would like to thank all teachers that have interacted with Ryan and us throughout the year. Miss Erin, your gymnastics lessons don’t stop at Sprouts – they often turn into an evening show at our leaving room. Mr. Alex, Mr. John, Miss Mackenzie, miss Molly, miss Emily (apologies if I am forgetting someone), thank you for your many hugs and cuddling, your playing and reading, and your watchful tireless eyes.

Thank you for the loving care, thank you for helping Ryan grow!

Have a fun summer!

Ryan, Liliana, and Anton Karadakov