Kindergarten Preparation Course Description:

Sprouts Academy Preschool is now offering new Kindergarten Preparation courses! These junior kindergarden classes for our enrolled four and five-year-old enrolled students and offered every Monday and Thursday morning. Courses are lead by our very own Cara Cooper. Ms. Cara comes to us with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education along with a Type 03 Teaching Certification. Cara has much experience facilitating kindergarten through first grade learning activities. She will be applying her vast array of education and hands on teaching experiences for your children enrolled Sprouts Academy Kindergarten Prep classes. We are all looking forward to watching your children learn and grow while developing new skills and building self confidence in our new Kindergarten Prep class!

Sample Class Structure:

  • Class greetings and review of rules and expectations.
  • Student sign in and name writing exercise.
  • Read-aloud: Title of book, author and illustrator, predicting contents and plot of story, as well as questions asked of the children based on current classroom topics.
  • Morning Message: An illustration related to mathematics concepts, environmental awareness, along with various other age-appropriate themes.
  • Special Activity: Art, music, movement, and much more!

Parent Corner:

How can I help to prepare my child for kindergarten?

  • Be enthusiastic about your child’s upcoming kindergarten experience. When you’re excited, you’re children will be excited!
  • Discussing kindergarten with your child will help build their confidence as learners, as well as their abilities to achieve in school.
  • Some things we discuss in this course are what is expected and what is not expected in kindergarten, routines and activities children will do in kindergarten, feelings about going to a new school, making new friends, and learning new concepts.
  • This course will teach your child to develop early literacy and social-emotional skills, promote home learning activities, and familiarize children with kindergarten classroom rituals. Ms. Cara will provide feedback to parents on their child’s overall development and early literacy skills through verbal communication as well as ongoing portfolios exhibiting work samples.
  • A few things you can do as a parent to better prepare your child for kindergarten are providing opportunities at home for your child to read and write, choose a school that fits your family’s individual needs, visit kindergarten schools with your child, attend orientations and events, and discuss questions and concerns and with your preschool teachers throughout finding the right kindergarten school for your child.

Want to learn more about our new Kindergarten Prep courses? Contact Ms. Cara to learn more at [email protected]