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Dear Sprouts Academy,

We can’t thank enough to Sprouts Academy for the wonderful experiences Sammy had while she was attending the school. Sammy has taken a few classes here and there but didn’t go to school until she started her first school days at Sprouts Academy. She fell in love with the school from the first day, and we didn’t even have the troubles most of parents have to go through when they send their kids to school for the first time. We think it is mainly thanks to the wonderful and caring teachers at the school as well as school’s very friendly, warm environment. We checked several other pre-schools before making a decision, and found some of them are too strict and almost intimidating to a very young children. It is, in our opinion, very important that kids at this age should happily explore many new things rather than follow strict rules.

Every day at the school was an exciting day to Sammy, and she always talked about what happened and what she did at school.

Also, the park Sprouts Academy regularly goes to is at the perfect distance, not too close not too far, has a wonderful hills, river, and a playground which is always bright and cheerful, the activities teachers provide at the park are about working and playing as a group which will help a lot in child development in terms of building a friendship and socializing. The school has indeed everything that a preschool can provide to children in their early stage of learning. If parents want their kids to study at a 5th grade level at their preschool, which by the way we believe is a terrible idea, Sprouts might not be a good choice for them. But if they want their kids to learn the joy of learning, sharing, making new friends younger or older(we mean teachers), doing their roles in everyday routines, Sprouts Academy is a perfect school for them.

Carla & Kenneth

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