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Sprouts Academy is as unique as the neighborhood it resides in! River North attracts young families due to the amazing riverfront and the rolling green park along Kingsbury. It’s a fabulous neighborhood, if you’re a city family and this school is the perfect compliment with the families who are drawn here. We waited with bated breath for the Sprouts Academy to open around the corner from our home. We were drawn by its philosophy and the thoughtfulness of the curriculum. As a former private school teacher, I was looking for a program that addressed both the social emotional as well as the academic skills for its students. Children this age need active learning experiences and their classrooms are designed around an experiential learning model that encourages this active learning. Much of this learning is built into the underlying structures of the classrooms-the space and materials available are arranged to be accessible and attractive.

My daughter, Charlie began as soon as their doors opened and enjoyed her first school from the first day it opened its doors. She met many friends that we still enjoy today and is currently in class with another alumni from Sprouts. The teachers create a learning community in which each child is well supported to explore the world and build their knowledge. By providing a safe, nurturing environment, they excel at fostering academic, social and emotional learning. Spouts is a wonderful school and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Michelle Elliott

Chicago, Illinois

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