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The Value of Sending Your Child To Sprouts Academy Preschool

The Value of Sending Your Child To Sprouts Academy Preschool

As shown in the Parent Testimonial Videos attached, Sprouts Academy is a special place to send your child to experience the very best in Early Childhood Education. As the only preschool in Chicago that has been rewarded both the prestigious Eco-Healthy and the EDGE (Early Development for Global Education) certifications for excellence, you are providing your child the best path to early childhood development by sending them to Sprouts.

The ultimate value of a Sprouts education is that we prepare your child to be accepted at and to flourish at the very best kindergarten and elementary schools in Chicago or elsewhere. The prestigious schools our Sprouts graduates have moved on to, and thrived in, include- (please list all the schools you can think of , in city and out)

There are a myriad of things that makes your child’s experience at Sprouts so special:

  • The Very Best Teachers- Many of our teachers already have, or are in the process of receiving their Masters degrees. In addition, many of our teachers have been with us for years and Sprouts boasts one of the lowest turnover rates in the City. This continuity of staff is something we are very proud of and something few other schools accomplish.
  • A Safe “Green” Environment- no other preschool in Chicago has been awarded both the Eco-Healthy and the EDGE certifications that stamps Sprouts as one of the safest and cleanest environments in which your child can learn. Being “Green”, in everything we do, was a guiding precept of Sprouts before the School was ever built out, and the above certifications go a long way towards validating that we are accomplishing that goal. Whether it is our recycling program, our serving only “organic- locally sourced” food, our “Urban Farm” program, our sanitation standards, or our cleaning processes, your child is experiencing a “green” start to their education.
  • Enriched Education- the staff at Sprouts takes great pride in exposing your children to the very best learning opportunities, so they can broaden how they look at life and how they initially experience the world. Raising their level of consciousness at such a young age is the best gift a child can receive. Amongst these exposures are our normal enrichment classes such as : Music, Yoga, Art, Science, Urban Farm, Kindergarten Prep (any others?), and our special classes that include parent involvement like: Book Club, Cooking Classes, Museum Visits, (please list others).
  • Social Give Back- another founding precept of Sprouts was to make sure the Staff and children of Sprouts are involved in “giving back” to our local neighborhood, and on a larger scale, to our world community. To set the tone for this “being grateful” attitude Sprouts Academy has donated enough to achieve a title sponsor status for the Make A Wish “Run or Walk” summer event. Last year our children, parents and extended friends and families help the sponsors raise $173,000.00 and grant 25 wishes to terminally ill children. Not stopping there are individual classrooms have been involved in the Heifer International program (sending farm animals to needy families overseas), doing a joint tapestry project with a school in Haiti, raising funds for school children in Sri Lanka and for the school children who were tsunami victims in Japan.

In closing, we invite you to come and tour our facility and experience firsthand the unique value you receive when you enroll your child in Sprouts Academy. Please call (312-944-6363) for tour schedules. Sprouts is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm with classroom time from 9:00am to 3:00pm each day.

Below are the list prices for our five different attendance programs.

  • 2 Year-Old Program
  • 5 Full days $1700/month
  • 4 full days $1400/month
  • 3 full days $1100/month
  • 2 full days $825/month
  • 5 half days $1125/month
  • 4 half days $970/month
  • 3 half days $815/month
  • 2 half days $570/month

*Tuesday/Thursday Full Day Special $656.25/month
(While spaces are available)

  • 3-6 Year-Old Program
  • 5 full days $1695/month
  • 4 full days $1395/month
  • 3 full days $1095/month
  • 2 full days $820/month
  • 5 half days $1120/month
  • 4 half days $965/month
  • 3 half days $810/month
  • 2 half days $565/month

*Tuesday/Thursday Full Day Special $637.50/month
(while spaces are available)

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