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Our son, who will turn three in a week) has been at Sprouts for almost a year, and if I could design a school from scratch this would be it. There are many, many great things about this school — from the physical space to the organic food — but ultimately it’s the teachers and the staff that make this place amazing. They all have (or are working on) masters’ degrees in early childhood ed but beyond their professional credentials they are nurturing, caring and fun. My son runs into school every day excited to see his teachers and friends. The kids do the coolest things, from tending a plot of land at a nearby urban garden to art classes with someone from the Smithsonian. I’m constantly amazed at the things he tells me that he learned at school, from showing me a yoga pose to telling me why it’s bad to pollute the river. We live in the neighborhood and when we walk by he proudly says, “That’s MY school!”…

…Thanks, Sprouts, for creating such a wonderful learning environment for my son!

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