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… My kids have been so far to 4 daycares as we have moved a lot in their first years and I have also had a hard time finding a good place for them. Sprouts is BY FAR the best daycare I can imagine and my kids seem to agree with me; they never want to leave the school when I pick them up and seem so happy at the end of day.
This preschool has the most caring people you can imagine, the food is excellent and all organic, they are constantly improving the activities and the spaces. The place is always spotless, has top new appliances (kitchen, bathroom for kids,…), the toys are all “green” and renewed very often.

Overall this is the perfect place, at least for my kids who are happy, healthy, inquisitive, curious and caring. And I have to give a little bite of credit to the teachers and the school who certainly helped.

I have nothing but good things to say about this preschool/daycare and highly recommend it.

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