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I and my wife are the parents of a 2.5 year old daughter who just began today! We researched many schools. I had visited this school in the past. This is a very well organized preschool, very pleasant to be in regarding the physical space, thoughtfulness is reflected in many ways through the school. The staff have been uniformly professional, intelligent and informative. While a bit clingy for the first five minutes, my daughter adopted to the class shortly thereafter even as I and my wife stayed in the classroom for 5 more minutes to watch. We stayed in the hallway talking to another parent we know whose child has been there for several months. She reported a few concerns but overall good satisfacion; I know she investigated many schools prior to selecting Sprouts as she is very selective, with a Top 10 MBA, from a nationally renowned university.

I have a Ph.D. from University of Chicago in Economics, running a successful nationwide consulting firm, so I am not exactly a guy off the street myself. As we chatted in the hallway, we peaked in during the next 20 minutes. At one point, my daughter saw me, smiled and continued her activities in the classroom. Clearly she felt safe and comfortable… In any event, every preschool has to meet the parents’ own sense of quality and satisfaction. Sprouts certainly has met ours.

Stan V. Smith, Ph.D.

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