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Sprouts Academy was the perfect first school for our 2 1/2 year old daughter. The entire staff, and particularly my daughter’s lead teachers, Miss Kaye and Miss Kaylie, were incredibly kind and nurturing during her transition to school and truly cared about my daughter as a little girl just starting school and her experience at Sprouts. Within a very short time of her being at school, we saw a dramatic increase in her letter recognition and counting skills. Her fine motor drawing skills were also developed – her pictures began to vaguely resemble what she said they were, for example an apple. We saw a lot of growth in her social skills as she transitioned from tandem play to more cooperative play and learned in a group setting how to share and take turns. The structure of the school day really resonated with her and even now that we are no longer at the school due to a move to the suburbs, she will take out her books and sit her dolls and stuffed animals in a circle for “circle time” or take out her instruments and sing and dance for pretend music time with Mr. Daniel. The environment at Sprouts Academy is warm and fosters learning and collaboration by embracing curiosity. Our experience there has set the bar high for the next school in which we will enroll our daughter. We miss Sprouts Academy and the wonderful staff that help make the school the gem that it is.

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