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Sprouts was a phenomenal experience for our family. Our son came to Sprouts as a part-time student when he was 23 months old. Up until that point, he was only comfortable being in the care of us (his parents), his grandparents or his nanny. The teachers at Sprouts were unbelievably patient and over the course of several weeks, they were able to convince him that school is fun and he should not be sad when being dropped off. I was very surprised at how independent he became in such a short period of time. He learned to drink out of a cup, eat by himself, walk up and down the stairs and most importantly, listen to the teachers.

Choosing a school can be a very stressful experience, but we felt completely at ease in our decision after the first time that we visited the school and met the teachers. I have no qualms in fully recommending Sprouts to any family that is looking for a fabulous preschool that cares about their students, families, curriculum and the environment!

– Sprouts Mom

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