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Sprouts academy is a very soothing and warm environment. The Pastel colors and exposed wood create a lovely visual for the kids. Facilities are extremely safe, clean, and spacious. In addition, kids go out every day, weather permitting, to the nearby playground.

My daughter started at Sprouts Academy a couple of weeks before turning 2. She was a bit shy and needed time to feel confident about a new environment. The teachers at Sprouts Academy could not have been warmer and more accommodating. They allowed me to come and stay with her for about 30 minutes at a time. We also attended the Music Together sessions which were great because they allowed for my daughter to build fun and confident memories in the preschool environment. When her first day came, she kissed me good bye and was ready to play!

Since then, I have been repeatedly amazed by various initiatives: the music program, yoga classes, urban garden project, etc, are all wonderful additions to an otherwise very rich curriculum.

We are so grateful to the teachers and staff for providing such a positive experience for our daughter in her first contact with school. Sprouts Academy is a marvelous oasis for kids growing up in the city.

-Sprouts Mom who’s family now resides in France

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